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6.15% GICs are here – 15% higher than Major Banks!

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GICs above 6.00%, look what we have here: 1 Year GIC rates skyrocketing to a whopping 6.15%, and two-year GIC rates going even higher at 6.16%! Boy, oh boy, this might just be the best deal we’ll see for a while. Exciting times ahead!

15% in Blue

GICs above 6.00%, and just in time for Condo Budget season. Lambda continues to impress with their unbelievable interest rates, riding high on the “higher for longer” trend. It’s absolutely mind-boggling how much they’re offering! Take a gander at their 1-year rates, an astounding 6.15%. And if that wasn’t enough to blow your socks off, their 2-year rates are even better, a solid 6.16%! These rates are a jaw-dropping 15% higher, towering over the measly 5.35% offered by major banks! That’s money you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

For your average condominium owner, this means some serious savings. If you choose to work with Lambda, you can expect to pocket a whopping per unit savings of $135.00 per year, with GICs above 6.00%! Now that’s what I call a sweet deal! Just imagine all the incredible things your unitholders can do with that extra cash!

Inflation in Canada vs. USA

The Federal Reserve and the Bank of Canada are currently playing a game of “wait and see. It’s becoming increasingly evident that rate cuts are not as close as everyone initially thought. This transparency from both institutions demonstrates their focus on inflation in the ever-shifting economic landscape.

Interestingly enough, in Canada, inflation expectations are going haywire. Canadians are predicting inflation to be higher than the actual 3.8%. What’s even more astonishing is that they expect it to keep rising in the future. This suggests that the central banks might have to take some serious action. At the very least they may maintain their current stance for a longer period to convince Canadians that inflation will eventually settle at the desired 2%. This viewpoint is already starting to impact the GIC market at financial institutions that share the same perspective, wiith GICs above 6.00%.

With construction inflation costs skyrocketing by 32% since 2020, it’s never been more crucial for condominium owners to team up with a professional to maximize their interest in the Reserve Fund. Lambda shines as the ideal partner in this regard. By taking advantage of their competitive rates, you can save an average of $135.00 per year compared to working with a major bank. That’s a significant amount that can truly make a difference in your Condominium’s financial well-being.

GICs Above 6.00%

GICs above 6.00% – Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Let Lambda show you the way to make the most out of Condominium Reserve Fund investments and reap the rewards of their extraordinary interest rates. With their guidance, you’ll be on the fast track to passing on these savings to Condominium Unit-holders.

Let us show you how, with 2024 Condo budgets upcoming its never been a better time!

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  1. I live in mscc condo 800 and I am a director there. Can I invest personally and what is the minimum amount of money to invest for 6%?

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