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Are the First Cracks Starting to Show? Inflation Expectations Begin to Ease

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In the USA, Monthly inflation expectations plunged in November 2023. The one-year inflation expectations dropped from 4.5% to 3.1%, and the more stable five-year outlook dropped from 3.2% to 2.8%.

Consumer Price Index

In November, consumer fears about inflation took a nosedive. Energy prices dropped and the impact of interest rate hikes began to take hold. According to the University of Michigan’s consumer sentiment survey, the one-year inflation outlook plummeted to 3.1%, the lowest level since March 2021. The five-year outlook declined to 2.8%. This change in sentiment could influence the Federal Reserve’s decisions. This could potentially sway them towards maintaining or even cutting interest rates in 2024. With gas prices going down, which are closely linked to inflation expectations, consumers are feeling a bit more optimistic. This positive shift is evident in the University of Michigan consumer sentiment index, which has seen a notable increase.

Eager to keep Inflation Expectations on a tight leash, the Federal Reserve and Bank of Canada will proceed gingerly. The US economy is less sensitive to interest rates than Canada. The Bank of Canada might actually make the first move. However, it’s well aware that diverging interest rate paths between the two economies would only lead to currency depreciation and potentially reignite inflation and inflation expectations.

Condo Reserve Funds

For Condo Reserve Funds, this changing inflation scenario brings a glimmer of hope amidst the onslaught of increasing costs. Condo boards, burdened with the responsibility of managing Reserve Fund Expenditures amidst skyrocketing material prices, can now find solace in the diminishing inflation expectations. The impact of inflation on construction and maintenance expenses, including materials like concrete, doors and windows, and asphalt, has been a growing cause for concern. The recent surge in material prices, with concrete witnessing a staggering 33.43% surge, doors and windows soaring by a whopping 49.0%, and asphalt costs rising by approximately 15.86%, has undeniably presented challenges for Reserve Fund planning.

But hey, now that consumer sentiment on inflation is looking up, Condo Board Members and Property Managers can skillfully navigate these changes. They can take a fresh look at their Reserve Fund investment strategies, considering how inflation expectations are always changing and the Federal Reserve is being cautious with interest rates. As the outlook for inflation stabilizes, it becomes crucial to maximize those Reserve Fund Returns. And guess what? Lambda Financial Consulting has got an attractive solution up its sleeve. They’re offering a current 1-year GIC rate of 6.02%, compared to the standard 5.00% rate. That’s a whopping 27.7% more interest, which sure comes in handy when you’re trying to counter those skyrocketing material costs.

Condo Reserve Fund Investment Compounding

Wait, there’s more! Let’s take a peek into the future and see how this extra interest could work wonders for Reserve Funds in the long run. Picture this: a 30-year investment plan with compounding interest of 27.7% more. Now, let’s crunch some numbers. If you were to make an initial investment of $100,000 at a 5.00% rate, after 30 years, you’d have a respectable sum of around $432,194. Not too shabby, right? Well, hold onto your hats because with Lambda’s competitive 6.02% rate, you’d be looking at an impressive $552,022 over the same period. That’s a whopping $119,828 more in favor of Lambda’s rate! Talk about a reliable strategy to tackle those pesky rising material costs and ensure the financial stability of Condo Reserve Funds.


Condo Board Members and Property Managers now have a golden opportunity to adjust their Reserve Fund strategies. Stay well-informed about these economic trends and taking advantage of competitive interest rates. Working with trustworthy financial partners like Lambda Financial Consulting, Condo Boards can proactively bolster the financial resilience of their communities.

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