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We Make Financial Institutions Compete

We make the Financial Institutions compete based on the size of our entire portfolio, maximizing Condo Reserve Fund Interest earned. Additionally, because of the simplicity of our platform we have reduced transaction costs. All of this translates to exclusive GIC rates, multiplying CDIC/DICO insurance and lower Condo Fees!

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CDIC / DICO Insurance Rates – Condo Act Compliant Powered by CashIQ

Make Financial Institutions Compete

Increase Condo Reserve Fund Returns

Financial Institution Partners

Lower Condo Fees

We force Financial Institutions to compete for your Condo Reserve Fund Investment and have an intuitive secure digital platform, powered by Cash IQ. We increase and maximize Condo Reserve Fund interest earned.

Our solution will increase your returns, and lower Reserve Fund contribution requirements, leaving more money in unitholder’s pockets every month, by maximizing interest earned and recommending the best term(s) given market and customer needs.

Condo Reserve Fund GIC rates going up
Condo Reserve Fund Insured Funds

Protect Condo Reserve Fund

Invest with multiple Financial Institutions with exclusive GIC rates, which can multiply your insured deposit amounts (CDICDICO, etc.) Compared to dealing with a single Financial Institution this makes your Condo Reserve Fund investments even safer.

Lambda helps maximize the return on your GIC portfolio and invest in Federally and Provincially insured deposits of Regulated Canadian Financial Institutions (Banks, Trust Companies and Credit Unions). Lambda Financial Consulting is not a bank, and never takes custody of client funds. Funds flow directly between you and the Financial Institution, and deposits are made in Client name.

Online Reserve Fund GIC Portfolio Access

Keep track of all of your GIC maturity dates, GIC rates, accrued interest and more!

No more waiting for paper statements to come in, or monthly financial statements to be prepared, login and see your GIC portfolio anytime, anywhere! Get real-time GIC maturity alerts, and make year-end a breeze, with access to GIC certificates issued from the financial institution online.

Condo Reserve Fund Expert On Your Side

We work with Condo Boards and Property Managers to build a high-performing GIC portfolio, maximizing interest earned and insured amounts.

With real-time access to rates from 25+ Financial Institutions, we provide strategic recommendations tailored to your Condo’s unique financial circumstances, and market dynamics. Trust Lambda for transparent, efficient, and cost-free expertise in Condo Reserve Fund management. Elevate your financial strategy today with our proven track record of optimizing returns while prioritizing risk management.

Condo Reserve Fund News

Interest Rate Peak

Keep Eye on the Ball as Rates Drop

Interest Rate Peak – For New Year’s Eve, all eyes were on the Ball at Times Square, but now on January 1, perhaps they should be focused on GIC Interest Rates. The last few years have seen GIC Interest Rates skyrocket, in an effort to tame decade-high inflation. At least for the time being, rates… Read More »Keep Eye on the Ball as Rates Drop
Are the First Cracks Starting to Show? Inflation Expectations Begin to Ease

Are the First Cracks Starting to Show? Inflation Expectations Begin to Ease

jeff.runnalls@lambdafinancial.netDec 10, 20234 min read
In the USA, Monthly inflation expectations plunged in November 2023. The one-year inflation expectations dropped from 4.5% to 3.1%, and the more stable five-year outlook dropped from 3.2% to 2.8%.
6.15% GICs are here – 15% higher than Major Banks!

6.15% GICs are here – 15% higher than Major Banks!

GICs above 6.00%, look what we have here: 1 Year GIC rates skyrocketing to a whopping 6.15%, and two-year GIC rates going even higher at 6.16%! Boy, oh boy, this might just be the best deal we’ll see for a while. Exciting times ahead! GICs above 6.00%, and just in time for Condo Budget season.… Read More »6.15% GICs are here – 15% higher than Major Banks!